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About Me

Hi, I'm Claudia Cordova Rucker.

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I’m a Business Refinement consultant and I help 7-figure women entrepreneurs in service businesses do business differently -- and beautifully.

We’re going to get you to profit, yes - and we’re going to do it by creating a humane, flourishing business culture where everyone -- including you -- thrives.

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No band-aids. No superficial quick-fixes.

No exploitative labor practices. Lots of data and self-care -- and a whole new way of doing business.


How I Got Here

Let’s get a little dreamy and woo: I think of business as a laboratory for liberation. We’re running social experiments in creating value, profit, and human flourishing.

A beautiful business can change the lives of its founders, its employees, our communities, and even our culture. And that’s the result I created in the businesses I’ve founded and led. 

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In 2005, my sisters Karina and Cindy and I founded our first spa, Aqua Skin and Nail Care, which went on to win several awards.

I am proud of our achievements -- but they came at a great personal cost. (We’re going avoid doing that in YOUR business)

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In 2019, I founded Estetica Mia and committed to building business practices that care for clients--

while also creating a kinder, more humanized work culture for employees.

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In addition to my MBA from the school of hard knocks, I have a B.A. in International Business Management

from Franklin University Lugano, Switzerland

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In 2013, 2017, and 2018, I was recognized by the California Senate for my excellence in leadership and contribution to my community’s economic growth
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I designed my triple bottom line, beautiful business framework, called Beyond Ordinary Business, that delivers

1) Out-of-This-World Customer Experience

2) Out-of-This-World Profits

3) Out-of-This-World Employee Satisfaction

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We also developed The Aspire Training Program

to provide our employees with continuing education, financial literacy, and on-the-job training, and most importantly, on-the-job experience.


Business should be about more than just profit; it can be about leveraging our power to be a force for transformation in the world.


The problem is, sometimes standard business practices get in the way of the empowerment we’re so deeply committed to.

Because you have a wild, audacious, abundant vision for your business

Let’s make it real without sacrificing yourself, your self-care, or the things

that deeply matter to you.

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