About Me

Hi, I'm Claudia Cordova Rucker.

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I’m a Business Consultant and I help values-driven entrepreneurs in the service industry do business differently.

Through our signature Prosperity Planning Methodology, we’re going to create greater life satisfaction, and greater profit and ease in your business, through our wholistic approach to business and life.

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No band-aids. No superficial quick-fixes.

No exploitative labor practices. Lots of data and self-care -- and a whole new way of doing business.


How I Got Here

Let’s get a little dreamy and woo: I think of business as a laboratory for liberation. We’re running social experiments in creating value, profit, and human flourishing.

A beautiful business can change the lives of its founders, its employees, our communities, and even our culture. And that’s the result I created in the businesses I’ve founded and led. 

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In 2005, my sisters Karina and Cindy and I founded our first spa, Aqua Skin and Nail Care, which went on to win several awards.

I am proud of our achievements -- but they came at a great personal cost. (We’re going avoid doing that in YOUR business)

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In 2019, I founded Estetica Mia and committed to building business practices that care for clients--

while also creating a kinder, more humanized work culture for employees.

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In addition to my MBA from the school of hard knocks, I have a B.A. in International Business Management

from Franklin University Lugano, Switzerland

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In 2013, 2017, and 2018, I was recognized by the California Senate for my excellence in leadership and contribution to my community’s economic growth
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I designed my triple bottom line, beautiful business framework, called Beyond Ordinary Business, that delivers

1) Out-of-This-World Customer Experience

2) Out-of-This-World Profits

3) Out-of-This-World Employee Satisfaction

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We also developed The Aspire Training Program

to provide our employees with continuing education, financial literacy, and on-the-job training, and most importantly, on-the-job experience.


Business should be about more than just profit; it can be about leveraging our power to be a force for transformation in the world.


The problem is, sometimes standard business practices get in the way of the empowerment we’re so deeply committed to.

Because you have a wild, audacious, abundant vision for your business

Let’s make it real without sacrificing yourself, your self-care, or the things

that deeply matter to you.