Banish financial confusion.
Confidently plan your future.

do business beautifully.

Create mindful business momentum with your financial goals,
values and personal vision for your life. 

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the right Financial Foundation


Unlock financial empowerment with holistic planning that honors your total vision for a purposeful life.

Are you a small business owner who is passionate about their business, looking for someone to help demystify the financial intricacies of their business?

Let me let you in on a little secret. 

If you want to grow your business with intention and build a life that makes you feel purpose-aligned and personally fulfilled…

This future you envision can only happen if you feel grounded, confident and aligned in your money decisions. 

And financial strategy that doesn’t take into account your personal values is bound to leave you feeling burnt-out, questioning your own leadership, and financially and emotionally paralyzed. 


At Beyond Ordinary Business, we make your finances feel easy, empowered, and aligned.


Develop your financial acumen across every season of your business.

Learn to trust yourself to make smart, strategic decisions with financial literacy, time management, capacity planning and value-based decision-making that transforms your business and your life. 

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Turn financial obstacles into golden opportunities.

Cultivate mindful financial practices to create a thriving business that honors your bigger picture vision for a purposeful life.

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Get the tools and wisdom you need to accelerate your business with mindful momentum.

Create your financial reality with a financial system that supports your sustainable growth - now and into the future.

Stop your overwhelm from sabotaging your business growth.

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Want to heal your relationship with your business finances and unlock your personal path to more financial freedom and flow? Find out your biggest source of overwhelm - and how to fix it so you no longer feel paralyzed.

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how we do it

Feel organized and empowered in every season of your business and life.

Beyond Ordinary Business’s proven 4-part methodology will lift you out of overwhelm into a position of financial and personal empowerment.

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Phase 01

Chart Your Course

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Begin your journey with profound self-awareness and create a strong foundation for your growth.

Embrace life’s natural seasons, identify and express your core values, harness your strengths, set your Yearly Life Vision, and create tangible Yearly Life Goals - your roadmap for focused motivation and clarity. 

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Phase 02

Mapping Prosperity

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Map your prosperity while aligning your personal vision with your business's financial heartbeat. 

Understand the tales told by your financial statements and strategically forecast business sales for sustainable growth. Put every dollar to work with purpose and pinpoint your top three KPIs.

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phase 03


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With your personal and financial bearings set, navigate the vast seas of strategic decision-making. Master the art of crafting clear, actionable objectives that resonate with your goals. Embrace Value-Based Decisions, ensuring every financial step taken harmonizes with your values.

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phase 04

Navigating the Terrain

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We then create a tailored money management system tool that includes a conscious spending plan, income plan, savings or debt management plans, risk management plans, and cash flow management strategies specific to your business needs, personal values, and financial goals.

Meet the Founder

Hi, I'm Claudia Cordova Rucker

I’m a business consultant with a knack for holistic financial strategy, and I help passionate business owners and leaders of organizations build financial sustainability through intentional growth strategies.

Through our signature Methodology, we’re going to create greater life satisfaction, and greater profit and ease in your business through our holistic approach to business and life.

No band-aids. No superficial quick fixes. Just deep self-awareness, intentional self-care, and a fresh approach to business where data harmoniously intertwines with values to guide your financial growth decisions. This is our approach to doing business.

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Claudia About Florals-min

Ready to put an end to overwhelm and steer your business toward transformative growth?

Book a Chemistry Call with our company Founder, Claudia Cordova, to discover how working with us through our unique methodology can completely transform your business (and life).

If you're:

  • Ready to strategically plan your company’s growth
  • Seeking expert guidance and gentle accountability to accomplish your financial and personal milestones
  • Or simply want to enjoy growing your business while you also enjoy living your life
A free 15-minute Chemistry Call is your next step.

Financial literacy meets
Intuitive Guidance

You’re just one click away from getting exclusive tips and proven strategies to unlock financial stability and freedom - inside and outside of your business.

Welcome to Beyond Ordinary Business. It's time to reimagine prosperity and balance the growth of your business with your personal life. Together, let's remake business, cultivating kind, sustainable, people-first workplaces.