A Financial Sustainability Deep Dive

Discover the right business model to support your financial goals, values and personal vision for your life.

dear passionate business owner:

Are you tired of second-guessing your business and financial decisions?

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Have you found yourself at a crossroads in the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape — forced to choose between your financial prosperity and your personal fulfillment?

Does your current approach to finances seem out of sync with where you are in your life's journey?

Do you wish you had clear, step-by-step guidance to find the right business model and grow your business with intention?

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A Financial Sustainability Deep Dive

Dive deep into your finances and strategic business direction. Demystify pivotal business models. Uncover strategies that don't just focus on the bottom line, but resonate with your personal aspirations and societal contributions. 

This is about more than just understanding numbers. It's about creating business success that honors your fulfillment.

By the end of the day, you'll:

Get a clear roadmap for your business growth, so you can make empowered decisions that align with your values and objectives along with deep understanding of your financials.

Demystify and select the business model that matches your personal and professional goals.

Equip yourself with actionable insights to ensure your business success without sidelining your personal well-being or societal contributions.

A Financial Sustainability Deep Dive Session is perfect for you if…

  • You want immediate clarity and answers to your biggest, burning questions about how to grow your business intentionally with the right business model and financial strategy
  • You want guidance on how to read, understand, and analyze your profit and loss statement to make informed decisions
  • You want the benefit of advice from two non-judgemental experts: a mindful financial strategist and a radical transition coach who can support you toward work/life harmony and financial peace of mind
  • You want a business model, financial strategy and vision that feels aligned with your values, strengths and season of life
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"This is NOT a cookie-cutter approach. It goes far beyond just making more money; it's about integrating your values while running a business."
- Amazing former client -

A Financial Sustainability Deep Dive Session is…

A full day devoted to your financial goals and finding the right business model to support your ambitions.

Emerge from our time together with a strategic blueprint and business model attuned to your unique aspirations, so you can confidently steer your business toward lasting success and fulfillment at every stage of your growth.

Plus, enjoy a 60-minute Life + Business Integration coaching session with Jenn Schindel of Unbecoming, so you can action everything with ease.


Here's what's included:

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Session 01

Financial Report Analysis

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Deep dive into your organization's financials, extracting insights and identifying potential growth or change areas.

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Session 02

Business Model Exploration

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Navigate the myriad business models available, demystifying their intricacies and identifying the best fit for your unique goals.

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Session 03

Life + Business Integration Session with Jenn

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Embark on a transformative session with Radical Transition Coach Jenn, integrating the gathered insights to chart a holistic path forward.

Meet your guides

In your Financial Sustainability Deep Dive Session, you’ll gain expert guidance from…

Claudia Cordova Rucker /
Business Consultant

With a knack for holistic financial strategy, and over 30 years in the health, well-being, and textiles sectors; Claudia helps passionate business owners and leaders of organizations build financial sustainability through intentional growth strategies. Her business finance and planning approach is more than just numbers and projections. Its core is a philosophy about harmony through work/life integration.

Consider Claudia your non-judgmental partner in demystifying the financial intricacies of your business. Every strategic recommendation by Claudia is rooted in her profound understanding that true prosperity lies at the intersection of personal and financial wellbeing that drives intentional growth without sacrificing personal fulfillment and societal upliftment.

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Jenn Schnidel, PhD.

A radical transition coach, Jenn Schindel brings her coaching and business consulting experience and a unique approach that respects and leverages the deep wisdom that life's experiences offer. 

Jenn’s brilliance lies in synthesizing and processing insights, ensuring leaders don't just walk the path but truly embody its teachings for lasting growth and fulfillment. 

With a steadfast belief in transformation as a path to collective liberation, Jenn's guidance is invaluable for those seeking to align their entrepreneurial spirit with a vision that serves both the self and the greater good.

"Claudia has been my guiding light in the intricate world of business finance. With her, it's not just about crunching numbers; it's about merging professional and personal values for true success.”
- Amazing former client -

Your Investment

*Payment plan available

Session 01: Financial Report Analysis

Session 02: Business Model Exploration

Session 03: Life + Business Integration Session with Jenn


The Deep Dive is structured into three focused sessions. 

The first two sessions, ‘Financial Report Analysis’ and ‘Business Model Exploration’, take place on Day One. During the first session, we’ll delve deep into your organization's financials, highlighting growth opportunities and areas that can be improved. 

The second session on Day One, ‘Business Model Exploration’, will help you navigate various business models, so you can pinpoint the one that aligns best with your unique objectives and aspirations. 

The third session, ‘Life + Business Integration Session with Jenn’, happens on a separate day. Jenn will help you tend to and action the insights from previous sessions, providing a holistic path forward for your business. 

By spacing out these three sessions, we ensure you have the time to digest and reflect on the valuable insights from each, optimizing the overall Deep Dive experience.

No worries at all! Even if your financial documents aren't perfectly structured, our goal is to ensure you're well-prepared. By working together prior to the Deep Dive, we can maximize the value you get from our time together. It's always best to communicate any uncertainties you have so we can guide you effectively.

The roadmap that Jenn and Claudia collaboratively design for you is a comprehensive guide tailored to your entrepreneurial journey. 

It identifies your current position, outlines the trajectory towards your desired destination, and pinpoints the strategies and steps you have identified to take along the way. This roadmap serves as a strategic blueprint to ensure you navigate with clarity, confidence, and purposeful direction.

"With Claudia's holistic approach to business finance, I've learned that it's more than just about numbers. Her dedication to work/life integration and a deeper understanding of my financial challenges brought about true prosperity in my entrepreneurial journey.”
- Amazing former client -

Discover the right business model

to support your financial goals, values and personal vision for your life.
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Grow confidence in your strategic direction and get financial clarity in just one day.

Not sure if the Deep Dive is right for you?

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Book a call below and Claudia will walk you through the Financial Sustainability Deep Dive Session to see if it's a good fit


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