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Business & Leadership Alchemy

Create the robust business & personal systems you need to change your workplace culture.

Once upon a time...

A friend of mine had a very anxious dog. He acted out, he barked at everything, he was jittery and nervous and it made him aggressive. My friend did everything she could to soothe him. When he lost his mind because someone rang the doorbell, she soothed him and whispered loving words to him. When he got aggressive with a visitor, she pulled him into her lap and petted him. She started doing aromatherapy and pet massage with him. She enrolled in a DIY dog-training course. She hovered and ran interference between him, people, and other animals.

She was working harder and harder on managing his anxiety, and he was behaving worse and worse.

Finally, after he almost bit a neighbor, she called a dog trainer.

The trainer told her the dog’s problem wasn’t anxiety; it was a lack of leadership. When he got aggressive, she soothed him. To his doggy brain, that meant that he was the boss - and that’s where his bad behavior came from. He wasn’t detecting signs of leadership and protection from her, so he tried to fill that gap with reactivity and dominance.

In other words, all the soothing, calming techniques she’d been wearing herself out implementing were NOT solving the problem. And the problem wasn’t even what she’d thought it was.

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What she needed to do was show up differently.

She needed to embody leadership herself before everything else could fall into place.

And this is what often happens in 7-figure businesses, too.

Over and over again, I see brilliant, caring leaders wear themselves out trying to solve what they think is a business problem when it’s really a leadership problem.

That doesn't mean you’re a bad leader. I’m willing to bet you put your heart and soul into your business, which is why you’ve achieved so much and created outstanding top-line revenue.

But I’m also willing to bet that you’re sacrificing yourself to make that happen - and that’s the source of the problems manifesting in the business.


If you’re not resourced and resilient, you’re going to see tension, conflict, reactivity, and underperformance in your team.


If you’re not getting what you need personally, you probably won’t be asking for or building systems to collect the business data you need to make excellent decisions. The result? Lack of profitability.


If you don’t have rituals organizing your wellbeing, you won’t have the proactive, long-term seasonal planning you need to easily, fluidly steer your organization to success. The result? Constant overwork and putting out fires.


If you’re not rooted in your values, you’re not going to be transparent with your team, which means they won’t be empowered or internally motivated - and your labor costs are going to rise while productivity declines.


If you don’t have a proven process that ensures your flourishing, it’s probably not present in your business, either. Hence, no work-life balance for you!


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So we’re going to...

Do a deep dive into all of these things and get you grounded in who you are and what you want, so you can lead from those strengths.

Yes, it seems counter-intuitive to focus on your personal development and values in order to produce more profit.

But this isn’t some woo-woo “think and be rich” program. This program teaches you forensic business pragmatics and protocols that create profit AND a humane, values-based corporate culture while centering your well-being and work-life balance.

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This is about creating the robust business & personal systems you need to

change your workplace culture.

This is about creating Exponential Growth & Profit Without being under-resourced or over-extended


Welcome to


The Business & Leadership Alchemy is an 18-month course.

Each week, we'll meet for a live mastermind over Zoom. During those calls, I’ll teach you a concept from my Initiate/Integrate/Illuminate framework that you can immediately translate into a personal practice that shifts business outcomes.

During the 18 months, you’ll be putting into place new business systems and protocols that yield higher productivity, more team cohesion (and less conflict!), and more profit.

You’ll also be putting into place personal practices that ensure you flourish, too.

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You will...

  • Formalize your business
  • Build better back-end
  • Create efficiencies
  • Stop being the roadblock
  • Stop working IN your business and start working ON it
  • LEAD
  • Increase your business management skills. You've built the business from the ground up - now it’s time to complement that with the highest-level operational skills and critical business metrics
  • Create rituals that support your well-being, decision-making, and ability to be responsive rather than REACTIVE

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The alchemy of business mechanics and leadership magic


It doesn’t have to be so hard.

You can cultivate an ecosystem of champions, stakeholders, partners, and team members who are truly invested in your business...

And when you do: Ease.

No more silos, bare-minimum performance, resentment, or scarcity. No more muscling through.

Instead, you can create a work culture that easily, continually produces

  • Leverage
  • Co-empowerment
  • Flow
  • High performance
  • Mutual flourishing and co-investment
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That’s what the Beyond Ordinary Business Framework is designed to do.

It’s a proven process that I’ve used to generate million-dollar businesses with kind, humanized work cultures in which EVERYONE performs and flourishes, easily.

It’s a proven process with 4 main projects:


Gain the skills to be a radically resourced and resilient leader: the leader you’re meant to be, with the beautiful life you’ve meant to have


A training program so you can cultivate your team members into a co-empowered, self-motivated, highly productive DREAM TEAM


Create a successful triple-bottom-line business (profit, people, planet) so that you’re profiting without sacrificing your principles while creating more justice and empowerment in the world!


Create a network of champions and stakeholders (bankers, lawyer, government partners, peers, schools, mentors) who know and care deeply about your and your business so opportunities always come your way

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And this is the framework you’ll learn in our work together, so that you have the practical skills and resources (right down to the spreadsheets!) you need to do business, beautifully.

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Module 1 Initiate

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Module 2 Integrate

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Module 3 Illuminate

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It’s time to create profit AND a humane, values-based corporate culture.

It’s time to create robust business & personal systems that create profit and well-being for you and your team.

It’s time for *gasp* work-life balance for YOU.


This is about Exponential Growth & Profit Without being under-resourced or over-extended

Are you in?


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